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Bacon should be cooked on paper towels in a microwave oven to reduce the nitrosamine level.


Pork was typically an autumn dish in North America and Europe, since the animals matured and were fattened in the spring and summer. With the development of mass production methods, pork is eaten year around throughout the world.

Pork is very common in sausages. Bacon, cut from the belly, back or sides of the pig and smoked or cured, is very popular throughout the world.

Possibly the most popular meat in the world, and certainly the most common poultry. Chicken has been eaten for centuries, having been depicted in carvings from 600 BC. Consumption has grown in recent decades because it is seen as a healthy alternative to beef.

A staple in North America, Europe, the Middle East, parts of South America Africa and Southeast Asia, the meat from bovines has been consumed since prehistoric times. Beef comes from cows, heifers, steers or bulls. In some cultures, such as Hindu, beef is considered taboo.